Great Britain & Love

One of my past homes and all time favorites Great Britain. This time I started off in Edinburgh one of the cutest most quaint cities. It’s streets charm you with brick architecture and dim lightning at night. Not to mention Deans Village - where I stayed in a small apartment waking up to the birds chirping every morning and the river flowing. And the main attractions, obviously the castles and meadows that leave you breath taken. This was a biking trip, everywhere possible in the city, you could bike ,I did including a travel to the ocean, up Arthurs Seat- with views of the entire city.

Glasgow - was next on the tour, taking the bike on the Scotland Train was so convenient and easy. Once there I felt at home immediately bikers, art galleries and artisanal food shops. But my favorite part was walking spontaneously into an exhibition called “Queer Times” in the GOMA (Glasgow Modern Art Museum), which was very exciting and interesting, from a youth perspective on the integration of queer culture in 2019. The city is diverse, progressive and edgy with some much to see and learn. Glasgow University is also a trip, like you are student at Hogwarts, gorgeous and vast leaving me with the feeling I am a wizard.

Onwards I headed on the National Rail Train to London, King’s Cross Station, where Happy Potter and friends got onto the Hogwarts Express Train and I lived and studied graphic design communication at Chelsea College of Art and Design. I was a student there from 2006 - 2010, such an inspiring and transforming time for me as I first started hanging out at LGBTQ bars and parties, getting a better sense of who I am. London included a night out with very close friends and new pals hitting the bars of Soho, watching live drag shows and dancing to house music in Dalston. And the best street food that I have experienced yet was at the Old Spitfields market, Liverpool Street Station. You can also walk down to Brick Lane and document amazing street art as I always love too because it shows so much culture and politics of a city.

Last stop of this trip was Cardiff. I had been there 12 years ago, but boi has the city developed. Great bikes lanes, directly through the city out to the marina and bay. I was very lucky to join and incredible discussion and dinner which included the Head of Departments of Cardiff University. It was enticing and very empowering to be the only cis woman and to be heard. Thank you to all that shared with me your time and knowledge.

As all trips come to an end this one was short and sweet!

I did happen to leave out, I followed love to Edinburgh and was sad to leave heart broken and defeated, but with the ultimate hope that my person is out there traveling the world like me waiting to be found.