My Global Family

A few weeks have gone by since I last wrote, this is due to settling back into the groove of my life in the Bay Area (Oakland, San Francisco Area).

A common question most people ask me is Where are you from ? or Where is home ?

Lately this has been a very interesting question. Home is for the most part where I have my bills sent hehe. Oakland California, but I feel emotionally and energetically like the world is home.

Anywhere I seem to go I feel like I have a home, new friends or flat mates that immediately become family. I recently was in Madrid, I met a wonderful young woman Yue from China and we shared such deep strong connection, she is now a sister. We cooked together, went on walks together and laughed for hours. I believe in the power of sharing and openness can create relationships that could last a lifetime.

In London I met a couple Colin and Charlie and it was instant love and connection, we chatted about Veganism and philosophies of the life, not too mention our passion and love for biking around the world. We danced all night together at a Queer DIY community space in South London, and shared the beginning of the 2019.

I cherish and love the authenticity of meeting new family members, I am spiritual, I believe in the power of manifestation and cultivation when you put your mind to something. If the globe is home then thats what it becomes in reality.

In my daily life I build and contribute to communities, opening my heart to others from different backgrounds and perspectives is highly important for compassion and empathy not too mention how much I learn from others with entirely different ways of thinking. But the most thing I gain from traveling and creating family everywhere I go is to remind myself that we are fundamentally all the same and should be taking care of each other no matter what language, religion or mindset we have.

Shalom or Salam, focaccia or pita naan - lets break bread together and share a meal as a sacred offering to humanity and its essence of peace and kindness.