My True Love Is Travel

You know when meet someone for the first time and you get so excited you forget what you were doing a minute ago, your heart beats so fast and hard you think you might be having a heart attack! Boi do I love that feeling, one could say it’s addicting. Well my person, my love and butterflies comes form the feeling I get when I am about to go traveling.

Meet Travel, adventurous, exciting, gorgeous that takes my breath away every darn time. Yes you, travel, you light me up, make me scream and shout from joy especially when I get on a bike and ride through you and around you. CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP.

Dear all readers, I am in love with my travels, when I don’t have my travel I feel down, depressed and lonely, it’s kind of painful but then the minute I book a flight or a car trip man do I shift drastically. It’s like a marriage, it comes with baggage (my thoughts) and Jet Lag (highs / lows- especially traveling for hours and not sleeping much because you keep changing beds) but it turns me on and makes me feel so alive and enlightened.

I started traveling probably when I was a little teeny munchkin, very privileged yes I know, and I feel the struggles of others that cannot do it. One of my missions is to help finds ways to allow more people to travel.

My recent trip included traveling around Europe and Israel: participating in a breathing workshop while plunging in ice water and meditating. Learning to cook tortellini in Bologna, currently the gastronomy center of Italy and the world. Riding a city bike through colorful streets of Marseille and Old Castles roads in Edinburgh. Dancing on a stage in a DIY queer community center on the south side of London for New Years Eve. I am still riding the highs of this trip, processing the knowledge and access to honest humbling conversations I have had with such diverse and eclectic people. One being a conversation with an owner of a small social enterprise bakery, about non- profits in Scotland.

One of my favourite moments was standing in the freezing cold Florence watching an animated light show being projected on a the old bridge With a few weeks before hand protesting with my mom together with thousands of other Israeli women against violence and abuse towards us.

How can you learn about these types of things if you are caught up in the text books and old school ways of thinking. I urge you to challenge your state of consciousness and security and think what if we traveled more and worked less for some future no one is promising anymore.

To me, the love of my life is also the key answers to the challenges we are facing as a human race these days. I have learnt more in a month about myself and others than I have working for a corporate company stating they are creating impact on the world.

I had intimate and insightful conversation with a flat-mates in Madrid about cultures, Artificial Intelligence and the progressiveness of cities like Finland allowing children to pick their sex identity at a young age.

CANT STOP WONT STOP traveling the world learning from the genuine of our humanity.