First Blog Post January 15 2019 - Here Goes

Hi loves, for those of you who are new to my site and who have never met me, I am chief/chef/artist and producer Lee. I am genderqueer ( I neither identify with any particular gender male or female but rather non binary, neutral or better yet I am just lee and I prefer if people refer to me as lee or chef/chief.

Yes I know sounds extremely progressive and condescending but I believe that the present is not about gender but rather about equalization of humanity and I would like to take a stand and share my values with you.

This is my first post, if you feel obliged to comment, share thoughts or have some feedback please don’t hesitate to leave them here, I believe that this is the most effective way to grow and learn, in a professional and empowering way I am asking to leave something below!

I am writing this blog because mainly all my friends and people I keep meeting on my journey ask if I have a blog, so here you are. NO social media, over it and I don’t like that the commercial corporate world has endless access to my creativity and thoughts. (Hope you all can understand this.) In order to be different and find my own way in this life time I want to pave my own presence by sticking to knowledge and education I learn from traveling and talking to people/ humans that are real and share their true experiences and stories.

My goal with blog is to simply share, my creativity, my travels and places I visited that made me feel accepted and safe. Places that gave me inspiration, ideas and adventurous experiences. I would also like to share my philosophies and mindset as a contribution to the world that has always been so generous and supportive. I live an extraordinary life and I am extremely grateful for this, humbly thankful for all the gifts and love i have received.

Thank you to everyone that has ever stepped onto my path and contributed to my journey. I will always be enthusiastic to share my gifts with more of you. If you have an idea, want to brainstorm or learn more please reach out I am truly an open book that wants to help and support you on your way.

Cheers to reading this until the end, the next posts to come, more fun and exciting stories and thoughts to share with you.