Chef Lee Davidson

Started a culinary journey from being creative and experimental in the home kitchens. Lee was raised in 2 main cultures, South African and Israeli where everyone were eating, sharing and connecting as a community. Chef then explored more of the passion for food and hospitality, working in catering, and restaurants while studying arts & design in London.

Fast forward today Lee has founded Made2Gather, Oakland based culinary collective focusing on exploring the many ways to connect people to their communities, cultures and their own intuitive creativity in the kitchen. The collective’s mission is to inspire and empower your capabilities with food.

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Chef Daniella Bensimon

Owner & Chef Daniella Bensimon was born in Israel and emigrated to Seattle, Washington as a baby.  Her culinary tastes have been beautifully inspired by a variety of influences, including her rich Moroccan-Jewish heritage, Seattle's Greek & Turkish traditional Sephardic community in which she was raised, an early exposure to the freshest produce & fish at Seattle's world-famous Pike Place Market, the colorful, eclectic 'shuk' (open-air market) in Jerusalem where Chef Bensimon spent time in college, and local California cuisine.

Chef Bensimon creates the highest quality food using the freshest ingredients around, including organic fruits and vegetables, and hormone-free & grass-fed meat. She also strives to frequent local vendors such as Monterey Market, Berkeley Bowl, and the local farmers markets, doing her very best to support local small businesses like hers. Chef Daniella Bensimon looks forward to sharing her creative, beautiful, delicious tastes and flavors with you!

You can find more of her dishes and availability here


Chef Austin Menard

Austin Menard is the founder of Skwid City, a recurring pop-up centered around a vegetarian tasting menu of unique global fusions set in an intimate underwater themed dining room. His culinary style of vegetarian fusion is informed by his time both residing and cooking in cities around the world as well as in his original home of Washington DC, working with his family’s boutique import and cafe business (Via Umbria).


Event Designer Lue Simcoe

Lue Simcoe started working in the event industry long before it was even a thing.

She traveled via Texas to Northern California, where she cultivated a diverse community of creators, artists, musicians, DJ’s and chefs. While living in Texas she was a hard and determined family member, always supporting the community with her light, love and her passion for believing in the best of people.

She has participated in each and every type of event having developed strong skills and enthusiasm in the kitchen, building stages, making pieces of art to contribute to an immersive experience. She is dedicated to the culinary arts world and can always be that extra hand, producer or manager that you need.

Lue has made Made 2 Gather become the collective it has over the years, she has been there from the beginning and shares the most admirable community values that shines light on all chefs and artists out there.